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UK made made showing 2 drum pallet and IBC bund
Sump Pallets
MDPE Spill Pallets


Do I Really Need a Pallet?
If you are storage anything other then water (E.g. Chemcials, Oil, Petrol etc) then yes it needs to be on bunded pallet or in a sump pallet. So if there ever was a spillage then the contents on the pallets would not spill on the floor causing a hazard. This will make you compliant with the enviroment agency.

Whats the difference between normal Pallets and Food Pallets?
Food pallets are made from food grade material and are suitable for storing food on. Where as normal pallets are not suitable for food storage.

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Spill Pallets


Come and find pallets of all sizes for all uses. Ideal for commercial and industrial use.

Water Storage Tanks

The one stop for all types of pallets including Plastic spill pallets, Steel pallets and Fibreglass pallets. Our pallets range from 800 x 800 to 1200 x 1200 including the Euro rating pallets. We also have a section designed for pallets that are use for storing food on. These differ from other pallets as they are made from food grade material.

Whether you are looking for fork-liftable pallets or a mobile pallet on caster wheels we have it here.

We also have a great section on other hazardous storage such as chemical cabinets that are suitable for storing most chemcials and of hazardous materials. (Please read descriptions for more information). These products can be found here

Double IBC Bunds now available

Plastic Pallets

2 Drum Plastic Pallet 4 Drum Plastic Pallet

IBC Bund Pallets

IBC bund pallet 1100 Litres
IBC Bund Pallet 1100 Litres
Double IBC Bund Pallet 1100 Litres
IBC Bund Pallet 1100 Litres
Steel Double IBC Bund Pallet 1100 Litres    

IBC Sump Pallets

  • Approved for the storage of water-polluting substances (categories 1 - 3 in accordance with European specification)
  • Specially designed for the storage of 2 x 1,000 litre KTC / IBCs
  • Manufactured from environmentally-friendly polyethylene
  • Measurements W x D x H (mm):
    2280 x 1430 x 720
  • Sump capacity 1,100 litres
  • Maximum load: 160 kg / storage place

Bunded Workfloor Pallets

  • Fully sealed, moulded bund, designed to contain leaks and spills, and keep your workplace clean, and reduce the slip hazard.
  • Strong plastic grate to keep your products clear of spillages. Grate will hold fully loaded containers.
  • Easy access via forklift or pallet truck.
  • Tough Poly construction to resist knocks and impact
2 Drum Workfloor Plastic Pallet